Bottle and Glass Of Wine

capsule belongings

Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania

How does the home affect creative thought. What is the impact of the home on socialising, on imagination, on play, in making communities, on our compassion and on our political agency? What is the relationship between homes and introversion? Can extroversion be weaponised as a political tool? How collage can adjust the boundary between documentation and activity, editing to bring together images that blur reality and fiction, physical and virtual, possible and impossible.

capsule belongings explores the storage, collection and acumulation of objects in space travel. How do we create our own festivals and celebrations with limited resources. How do we consider our belongings in a home with limited materials and space? Can we make space for sentimentallity, for hoarding, for nick-nacks, for presents and decorations, and other material gesturers? Consider the furniture of the earth such as sofa beds and stackable chairs as nostalgiac, regard the amassing of a collection of objects even trash as luxourious, and embellish the selection of ready meals availible in the supermarket as opulent.