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Ballinger Point
Bromley High Street
E3 3EH

Member of PACTO Global Art Collective, formed in 2017 

Co-Founder of pea proposals public art research project, founded in 2015. 
Demelza Watts CV
B.1990, Wiltshire, UK
Lives and works in London


capsule belongings - Nida Art Colony, Lithuania (2019)
fingers crossed -, London, UK (2018)
Homework - Collaboration with Kelly Lloyd - G.A.P., Glurns, Italy (2018)
Pass the Knife - The Gramounce, London, UK (2017)
My Laptop is my home, the screen is my view. - Skelf, Virtual Project Space (2017)
free time - Silicon Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland (2017)
mine - 395 Gallery, London, UK (2015)



Alternative Art School Weekender - Ugly Duck, London, UK
Posters - Selkirk Road, London, UK

Day Tripper - Kioskas, Nida, Lithuania 
How do groups learn? - 18 Malden Road, London, UK
COMPACTO -  Billedkunstcenter Atelier, Aarhus, Denmark
Up like a sun, down like a pancake. - ICA, Baltimore, USA
Homework - Fountayne Road, London, UK
Academiae Youth Art Biennale - Franzensfeste Fortress, Bolzano, Italy
Inside Job - Tate Modern, London
SupaStore Human - The Dikeou Collection, Denver, USA

4:42 - 5th Base Gallery, London
Penki paprasti žingsniai iki sėkmės - Shch/šč, Vilnius, Lithuania
Buffet D’Art - Hestercombe House, Somerset, UK

Five Finger Discount - Bronze Dog Project Space, Göteborg, Sweden
Turning Worms - Wigan, UK
THE GEO POLITICS OF MONETIZED AIRSPACE : Come Fly with Me, I Meet You by the Airside Gucci Concession at 4, Fox Fur Hat - Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, USA
Buffet D’Art - Ambica P3, London
Vetement - DOC, Paris, France
Buffet D’Art - Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin, Germany
They shake the mountains when they dance - Chalton Gallery, London

London Open - Whitechapel Gallery, London
HOY HOY HOY - The Film Shop, London
Brick Works - The Building Centre, London
Royal College of Art Fine Art MA show - Royal College of Art, London
Pause Patina - Camden Arts Centre, London
N2 - Platform One Gallery, London
/ege of Art - Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen, Denmark

Plot - Machines Room, London
Summer - Phillips Auction House, London
Arts Award - Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire, UK
Stewarts Law RCA Secret - RCA, London
Friction - Dig, London
Dark - Dyson Gallery, London
RCA ECA Exchange - ECA Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
WIP - Royal College of Art Kensington Gore, London

Wimbledon College of Art Fine Art Degree Show - Wimbledon College of Art, London
“Demand for boobs (…) digital software mapping” - Wimbledon Project Space, London
Exchange Project PART THREE: Oblique Exchange - APT Gallery, London
Not a White Cube - Asylum, London
Xhibit - Four Corners Gallery, London

Plan.Open. Hidden/Exposed - Mile End Art Pavilion, London
MilesKm - The Bussey Building, London
Park 12 - Cannizaro Park, London

Expanding Fields - Air at Archway, London
Park 11 - Cannizaro Park, London
1071mi = 1724km - Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain  


2019 Space food - Cosmographia, A-Dash, Athens, Greece
2018 “I’ve got everything but the kitchen sink.” - Macao, Milan, Italy
2017 Pub Quiz - Chalton Gallery, London, UK
2016 Soft Tarmac - The Gunners, London, UK
2015 Island - Stags Head, London, UK
2015 AIRBOMB - Royal Academy, London, UK
2015 “It used to be talent" - Turf Projects, Croydon, UK
2014 “Now thats what I call talent" - The DraftHouse, London, UK
2014 Watts Talent - The DraftHouse, London, UK

2018 The world in an orange - ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
2018 TBCTV - Somerset House, London, UK
2018  It’s their thought that counts - CAS, Croydon, UK
2018 “I make films because I can, with my MacBook Pro and iPhone that have left me with no money to make anything else.” - Macao, Milan, Italy
2017 Experimental Video Art - Kunst Film Festival, Centrum, Berlin
2017 It’s not about being wanted or ‘Should I have bothered getting out of bed’ - Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Big Break - Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, USA
2016 MONO USA - Spark Central, Washington, USA
2016 MONO Stroboskop Edition - Stroboskop, Warsaw, Poland
2015 MONO4 - Courtyard Theatre, London
2015 Flux - Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
2015 Latching Firm - Camden Arts Centre, London
2014 Stampede - Royal Academy Schools, London


This will take time, California, USA (2019)
MAWA Artist in Residence, Winnipeg, Canada (2019)
Nela Residency, Porto, Portugal (2019)
World of Co, Sofia, Bulgaria (2019)
ISSP Residency programme, Riga, Latvia (2019)
Nida Art Colony artist-in-residency programme, Nida, Lithuania (2018)
Artist in Residence,, London, UK (2018)
:Pillow Residency, Macao, Milan, Italy (2018)
Glurns Art Point artist residency, Glurns, Italy (2018)
Artist fellow, PACTO research program, Europe (2017-2018)
Bark Residency, Athens, Greece (2017)
Skelf May artist in residence, Virtual project space (2017)
Rupert artist residency program, Vilnius, Lithuania (2017)
Artist in residence, Silicon Malley, Lausanne, Switzerland (2017)
MilesKm, Rioja, Spain (2014)


Nobody Knows Volume 1, :pillow, Millan, Italy, January 2019
How groups learn: A collection of Essays, 18 Malden Road, London, October 2018
Where Plato taught, Exhibition Catalogue, Franzensfeste Fortress, Italy, July 2018
The London Open 2015, Exhibition Catalogue, Whitechapel Gallery, London, July 2015
A Standard Evening, Art Newspaper, Goldsmiths University, London, July 2014
Proposals Volume:2 01/09/12 - 01/06/13, Artist Book, London, June 2013
Proposals Volume:1 01/01/11 - 31/12/11, Artist Book, London, January 2012
Expanding Fields, Project Catalogue, Air, London, November 2011
WHIM, Issue 3, Artists Publication, Wimbledon College of Art, London, October 2011
WHIM, Issue 2, Artists Publication, Wimbledon College of Art, London, September 2011
WHIM, Issue 3, Artists Publication, Wimbledon College of Art, London, May 2011


Inside Job, The Observer, March 2018
Inside Job, The Guardian International Edition, March 2018
Introducing Demelza Watts, The Rebel Magazine, London, March 2018
An unending battle, Ran Dian, Hong Kong, China, Winter 2015-16
The London Open, Art Monthly, No.389, London, September 2015
Demelza and Brian Watts, TV Interview, BBC News at 6, London, July 2015
The London Open 2015, Wall Street International, July 2015
5 Emerging London artists you need to know, GQ Magazine, London, July 2015
The A list, Town and Country, July 2015
Construction in Art, 1883 Magazine, London, March 2015
Artist Profile: Demelza Watts, Crack in the Road, London, June 2013
Demelza Watts, BAID, Issue 6, Madrid, June 2012


Project Coordinator of PACTO Global Art Collective (2017 - ongoing) pea proposals, public art research group, co-founded with Sarah Staton (2015 - ongoing)
#ARCHIVEGIFTSHOP, Archive Project Commission, collaboration with Nicole Vinokur, Camden Arts Centre, London (2015)
Director of Talent live art event series, London, (2013 - 2017)


2013-2015 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art
2010-2013 BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture, Wimbledon College of Art


Croydon Art Store (2018)
Bath Spa University (2016)
Royal College of Art (2016)
Westminster University (2015-2016)
Edinburgh College of Art (2015)
University of Leeds (2015)
Wimbledon College of Art (2013-2015)


2019 Artists talk - ISSP Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2019 Collectives not Collections - Raven Row, London, UK
2018 “I work for free.” - :Pillow at Macao, Millan, Italy
2018 Social Bubbles - Museion, Bolzano, Italy
2016 The garden as a plinth for Sculpture - Vtopos, Studio RCA, London
2016 The artist as the employer - United we stand? Artists’ work and collectivity Symposium, Bath University, Bath
2015 Collage - University of Leeds, Leeds
2014 Drawing as process, practice and proposal - Drawing Lecture Series, Westminster University, London
2014 Proposals - Wimbledon College of Art, London